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Mission: To find stocks that present members with a unique value opportunity and undiscovered catalyst.


Scavenger Vision Member

As a Scavenger Vision Member you will have full access to all member sections and will receive both the Scavenger Report and the Scavenger Penny Stock Report. In addition, four times per year you will receive a special research report on a specific sector, industry or stock. In addition, Vision members will receive full access to all company research profiles and other special reports not available to other members.

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Full access to member site
  • Receive all member reports
  • Four additional special reports per year
  • Individual company research
  • Early access to publicly published articles
  • Additional details
Scavenger Vision is expected to open for membership later this year. Click here to stay updated.

The Scavenger Report

Every other month the Scavenger Report newsletter scours the investment landscape to unearth a stock that has been buried and left for dead by Wall Street. The stocks uncovered by the Scavenger Report generally present a unique, hidden or extreme value investment opportunity.

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Stocks left for dead
  • Special situations
  • Value investor focused
  • Overlooked and underfollowed stocks
  • Exchange traded and unlisted stocks
  • Additional details
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The Scavenger Penny Stock Report

The Scavenger “Penny Stock” Report was designed to complement the original Scavenger Report with a focus only on penny stocks. For only $149/year you will receive both newsletters. This is not your typical penny stock newsletter and focuses on companies with real businesses, real assets and real products and/or services.

  • Free 14-day trail
  • Stocks less than $5 many under $1
  • Absolutely no “pump and dumps”
  • Real companies with real assets
  • Marketable products and services
  • No exploratory or development companies
  • Additional details
Only $149/Year! Become A Member Now!


What is the Scavenger Report?

The Scavenger Report scours the landscape of stocks looking for those that have been left for dead by Wall Street.  Scavenger Report refers to these stocks as “Roadkill”.  Each month, the newsletter will bring one of these “Roadkill” stocks to the attention of our readers.  The Scavenger Report newsletter will provide detailed information on the company as well as the potential catalysts that could breathe life back into the stock as well as the potential risks.  Learn more→

What is the Scavenger “Penny Stock” Report

The Scavenger “Penny Stock” Report was designed to complement the original Scavenger Report newsletter.  By the very nature of Scavenger Stocks, the price of such stocks is in many cases in the single digits.  However, our research had us uncovering many stocks trading for mere pennies.  While the original Scavenger Report has contained several penny stocks since its inception, it was decided that such stocks tended to attract different investors.  Therefore, it was decided to publish a report specifically for the penny stock investor.  Learn more→